I was thinking if I really need to replace my old vanity with a new and modern looking ones... I know, I know... it's been neglected for years though, but I think I need more organized storage to accomodate more stuff. However, there are few things that need improving without really replacing the whole thing right... and that I need to figure out.!!! hmmm,let's wait and see.
Got this expert ideas from

Plan the perfect dressing table ...
Banish clutter for good with our tips on how to turn your dressing table into the ideal place for a spot of pampering

  • Illuminate the dressing table from above so you have plenty of light for applying your make-up.

  • Make your necklaces and earrings easy to find by pinning them to cork boards covered with padding and fabric.

  • Glass jars are great for keeping cotton wool and cotton buds tidy but within easy reach.

  • A handy hairdryer hook attached to the wall or side of your dressing table will hold your hairdryer while you're styling your hair.

  • Keep your hairdryer, curling tongs, straightening irons and any other electricals in a pretty drawstring bag and hang it on the wall next to your dressing table. Not only will you know where to find everything, but you won't be tripped up by trailing wire.
not bad at all!

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