I let Patrick do his own zest on how he gonna set the blank room in Bulacan... how he will arrange his hodgepodge toys, and play around with the space...

Tadaa! he came up with this... nice try Pats,!


Meanwhile, in his room here in Manila, he set it up and called it as the "Bat Cave"
The Bat cave is the secret headquarters of fictional DC Comics superhero Batman, (the alternate identity of billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne), consisting of a series of subterranean caves beneath his residence, Wayne Manor....
wonder what it looks like huh!??

But he'd rather call it as his Secret Lab! 
(corny) hehe!

Well as for me? I'm so sure he's developing his imagination and trying to apply it into what he has in his own environment. I'm so happy and proud of that!

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