Before, having unfinished tasks gives me something to worry about. I don't know, when it comes to portraiture, paintings, etc. I just can never finish things. When I start doing a task I become so eager to get started and so engrossed in the process of doing it, one reason for those incompletions was I wanted instant results.
Take a look at the pictures below, these are some of the artworks that I forgot to finish. But somehow gives me a sense of purpose in life to look forward to. Otherwise when people ask me what I am doing I would have to say nothing at all! Now I can say I am trying to finish my painting! or maybe I think I secretly enjoy having unfinished things. ;>

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  1. inyang says:

    omg! we're so pareho! ako din ganyan ... all of the crossstitch ekek i started are unfinished ... once, i also started sketching a portrait of my son, unfinished din ... i just wish pareho tau na magaling sa art hahaha frustration ko tlga yan ...

  1. tyusdei says:

    continue to do what you have love to do before, it's never too late! you did a portrait for me ayt! my mum won't let me get it, she wants to keep it!

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