I was scheduled to visit my project with my colleague yesterday afternoon, catch an elevator from the Ritz Towers' ground level. One foreign little girl and her nanny had already stepped into the car before us... I had pushed for the button with the intent of going to the 24th floor. The elevator then started to go upwards, 2,3,4,5..... and stopped between 9th to 8th floor then suddenly dropped down fast to the second level again.
Can you imagine that? We we're shocked of course. No one try to open the car as it unexpectedly began to ascend after a few seconds. I held the hand bar really tight, praying that it won't happen again.
Thank God we got to the 24th floor safely, I'd forgotten about the incident while checking the progress of the construction... I felt exceptionally uncomfortable after a few minutes, I felt my head's really aching but I stayed calm. We went back to the office safely but I was really in bad pain.
We didn't get a chance to report the incident to the Buidling Administrator or to what department is resposible for inspecting most elevator, but I'm planning to send them a letter to appeal the issue. They need to conduct some test and ensure that each and every residence-hall elevator is safe to use and if they're in compliance with applicable standards, etc., for I need to go back and forth to that building till my project's done.
View from the 24th floor...

Elevators Tips for the Trapped

  1. don’t panic. Take a few deep breaths, and remind yourself that there’s plenty of oxygen in the elevator. Then do whatever makes you feel comfortable - hum your favorite tunes, do stretching exercises, read any book or magazine you may have with you.
  2. Contact the outside world. Every elevator should have an alarm button and an intercom or phone. In large buildings, an onsite custodian should respond to your call within five minutes.
  3. Sit down. Some people have fallen when the elevator suddenly restarted.
  4. Don’t worry about being in the dark. Lighting runs on a separate circuit. Even if it does go out, there is a backup system that would kick in for up to four hours.
  5. Stay put. Never attempt to open the doors or crawl out of the opening on the roof of the car. The elevator could start moving again with fatal results. Wait until a qualified mechanic or rescue personnel comes to your aid.

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