It wasn't very early that morning of November 2, maybe around 4:30 or so. I got up and go out of the room. Paolo and Patrick were both in Pampanga.

I need to pee so I started towards the steps downstairs. I could hear our puppy barking out loud through the living room. I paused for a second because I expected she was playing with her mother... All the lights were still out, except the one left in the kitchen.

The house is small, and laid out in a way that I could quickly check that the doors were locked so nobody was there. I saw the puppy barking non-stop... Once I realized he's looking up at my grandfather's framed picture right beside the rocking chair and I found the pup's mom was sleeping under the kitchen counter... oops!
Kinda scary though! I went back to my room and I just said to myself, "Well, I guess it was his spirit stopping by... or maybe because I wasn't able to visit him in the cemetery that day of November 1 and why I only put his picture in the living room and just lit up with candles the whole day.
I asked our maids if they heard the pup's noise that morning...

No one else does!!!

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