I've finally gave a shot on the Twilight of Stephenie Meyer... I already had a copy of the book since last year from a friend but it was just sitting on my bookshelf, (still addicted on JK Rowling's Harry Potter series) but I only started reading the book last Saturday.
I've read about half of it so far but pretty enough to hold my interest and as a gift to myself, I watched the movie last night.
I'll be reading the second half tonight.
...and another three in a row!
Pretty much familiar Robert Pattinson, I've gotten to see him on Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire as Cedric Diggory.

from a wizard...

...to a vampire!

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  1. inyang says:

    late-bloomer din ako s twilight n yan hehe di din ma-accept na me ibang book na as hot as harry potter e :D

    ang masasabi ko lng: edward is definitely hotter than harry hahaha

  1. flory says:

    correct ka ate!medyo exciting kasi bitin din ako sa exposure ni cedric sa harry potter. at least, sa twilight movie may mga kasunod pa!hihi!

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