I've invaded the United Architects of the Philippines' GMM (general monthly meeting) at Discovery Suites last night... I was on my way home when Royal (the boss) called me and asked me to watch his presentation. So our company driver picked me up from our office and took me to the hotel. I've met some of our old friends there and our college professors who were all active members of the UAP Manila, Sta. Mesa Chapter.

Royal tackled about modernism and his ModernA- with its main goal and mission to promulgate architectural progress, global awareness and competitiveness. He proudly presented our works that we have done here and outside the country, and discussed about the philosophy of the approach on each project. He showed an overweening opinion of his own for the others to understand our firm's design process, sensibility of innovations and the difference of our approach from a normal process (needed to say that some of the architects perceive that our firm's defying the law).

So the presentation turned out as an eye opener for them and also for me I would say... I've learned things that I am also a part of it and felt the same way that I should be proud of having this kind of job - our own architectural ingenuity without really defying any law.

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