I always envy some of my friends even my sister which seldom get pimples at all and has always had a fresh naturalness with or without makeup. I don't usually wear makeup... maybe it’s because I’m too lazy doing all those stuff, but nonetheless, I tend to go for a minimal face. You would think that going minimal means no makeup at all but, on the contrary, it takes more work than usual. The look requires heavy contouring, neutral shading, and polished skin and gleam, etc., etc., in just about all the right places. But sometimes there were even a few days when my skin was so ugly because of dried out pimples and where I would even put concealer and makeup altogether to cover it. I ended up making everything else worse! Good thing MK works for me... it has gotten rid of a lot of the bumps and redness on my face, so now I could go out even without makeup.
Yet still, those beauty regimen is pretty tiring and time consuming. ;>

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