Yesterday our new Operation’s Manager greeted me and said, “Oh I knew it... you’re a keyboardist… incredibly talented huh” I just smiled and said “and what are you... a bassist?” “How do you know that?” he asked… "I can see, you have many calluses on your right hand, as you do on your left” I told him and laugh! He told me about his immense love at music, well especially jazz music... "If it's not jazz... It's not music!" he said.
He probably saw this picture taken last Christmas 2007, when I played an OPM jazz song together with my colleages on drums, rythm, bass guitars and the vocalist of course.

I have been playing the piano and keyboard since I was in grade school... and before, my love for music was purely ballade and classical... and so if it's jazz, it's not music at all.
I have learned to like jazz music as the years passed by from Chuck Mangione, well a few of his tracks (feel so good's great!), Quincy Jones, Kenny Rankin's music and some Fussions too!
But in general music gets its impact mainly from the words that can define the value of it... whether its jazz, ballade or classical.  Take Paul McCartney's 'Pipes of Peace' for example!

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