Now I want to share this to everyone who is having some difficulty accepting the possibility of having what they want in life... just like a basic feeling of insecurity, which I took on earlier because of having trouble dealing with the management I am currently working with. As if I have a strangle-hold on to the situation... trying desperately not to lose my job in the first place, but chocking off the best opportunities on the other side.
By tossing and turning, I found this!

The Nature of life is constant change, constant flux. When we understand this, we tune into it's rhythm and we never really lose anything, but constantly gain.

When, through insecurity (fear) and a feeling that there "isn't enough," we try to cling to what we have, we begin to cut off this wonderful flow of energy. In hanging onto what we have, we fail to keep the energy moving and we don't make space for new energy to come to us.

As we outflow our energy, we make room for more to flow into us. We soon discover that this process feels so good in itself we just want to do it more and more. And the more you share of yourself from this space, the more you seem to get from the world, because of the outflow-inflow principle. (Nature abhors a vacuum, so as you outflow you create space into which something must inflow.)

Now I need to be really creative and think of other ways to outflow the good things for myself and for the others as well. Here comes a point where I have to put my foot down and think carefully about my decision of quitting my job and let someone else take the place. Wish me luck!

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  1. fabulus says:

    how did you landed in that job! i want i want! pede mag apply online???

  1. inyang says:

    just follow po what your heart tells you ... if u believe that the lord is in your heart, then you'd know that he's the one telling you what to do ... so, it's best to follow your heart ...

  1. Flory says:

    thanks a lot... God knows what's best for us. got all the answers already! cheers.

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