Qualities of a good picture speaks by itself . . . e.g - a picture paints a thousand words!

I just take it from the expert!!!

Check these photos I have taken, low lighting, low speed, and minimum distance, taken simultaneously within 3 seconds interval with Sony DSC-H7 Cybershot 8.1 Megapixel at 7:13pm at the Abu Dhabi Park. Hand held while the bird is walking on the grass, the dramatic effects of overall blurring (from the first frame "Myna in grass_1> seems very ordinary and dull...> Myna in the grass_2 > the blurring effects made the image like an "impressionist painting" . . . > third photo > Wind, Grass & the Myna > dramatic effects of Impressionism and expressionism . . . the sudden movement of the bird on the opposite direction of the wind, made the effect like the bird is trying to walk on the grass against the wind . . .  that's the expression.
-- Papa Bear

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