As I've been enjoying myself so far, a fond farewell to my 33rd year and welcoming another year of life with great excitement and hope for the days to come. (I'm not getting any younger, Yay!!!).

Meantime, let me share some little things that made me smile today.

I just got my Ikea 2010 catalog...

new flip-flops...sooo affordable and yet sooo comfy!!!

thought of wearing colors for a change... what do you think??? 
and a few words!

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  1. I did not see Ikea catalog. Maybe next month ... I saw the shoes are very light, but not tolerate. Colored bottles are beautiful, especially that are placed on the diagonal. Beautiful and last picture, interesting idea, thanks for good wishes.

  1. Roberta says:

    Love IKEA...just went to the store in Pittsburgh for the first time while visiting my son earlier in Dec. and ordered my cataloge. Then when we got back home here in Charlotte, I finally went to our IKEA store and have been back a couple times already. Love all the organization and moving into a smaller home has really motivated me to maximize every inch:}

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