I do believe that scarves are good to wear on ANY season, event or occasion... I live in the tropics and summer will soon be here.  Yes, I do wear lightweight scarves on a summer days and beyond its functionality,  you can never look plain with it!  Like me, I wear lots of  whites and neutrals, I just tie a scarf around my neck or wrap it around my shoulder and  that's it... a cool style statement!

Sharing you some of my Pashmina and long summer scarves:

They're made of a thin, light fabric with cute patterns...

Large Silver Grey pashmina scarf

Chocolate Brown pashmina scarf

See some tips on how to wear summer scarves.

  Whilst some of you are still enjoying the cold weather season... prepare to be jealous of Tuesday's fabulous scarf...  

Enjoy reading!!! 


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  1. First left going for what you want (is in the second picture).
    In my images I was referring to spring.
    The heavens are changing, get out of winter.
    Greetings and only good thoughts for you

  1. I agree, a scarf can make a pair of jeans and a white shirt look stylish and chic!

  1. Tuesday says:

    Hey thanks for that li'l feature of one of my posts. Your scarves are cool, I seldom wear thick scarves during winter actually, it's a wee bit suffocating for my short neck!

    I hope to shop around when I visit home :)

  1. I love all these scarves!!! Great winter accessory. Love your background!

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! You have some great scarves!

  1. I am forever adding to my scarf collection. It's a year-round must have accessory!

  1. I just bought a turquoise scarf that I love!! fabulous!

  1. so so so girly and pretty - just lovely - cheers le

  1. PS Thank you for desire and appreciation. So are the winters here. I hope you have a quiet final week. Greetings!
    Why is so crowded around here? :)

  1. Agreed, scarfs add a bit of sophistication to an outfit. Happy first day of Spring.
    Joyce M

  1. Gail says:

    I don't do scarves except for keeping warm (my lose I am sure), but my DD does and she would love your collection.

    Come by Decorating My Tin Shack for a visit and enter my give away.

    Happy PS (on Sunday)

  1. ENJOY all the Pink.
    Don't forget to "Look in the Nook"

  1. Very nice - Happy late Pink Saturday!

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