My top choices of accent wall treatments are down to two:

 1) Classic Wood Veneers - my forever favorite wall covering... it's the grain that makes it elegantly BEAUTIFUL!

Classic Wood Veneers

See other samples from here

2) Modern fabric backed VINYL - contemporary and easy to install... COOL!

Modern Vinyl Wall Covering

oh well, it all speaks for itself!!!

Have you done a wall treatment that you'd like to share?

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  1. The Muse says:

    just used zebra wood to complete a conference is fantastic!

  1. I prefer the version ANIGRE:)

  1. I haven't done one before but the vinyl looks great!

  1. Flory says:

    @The Muse - really!that's great!zebra's one of interesting wood veneers I've seen=)

    @Catalin - Anigre's one of my fave, nice especially on doors=)

    @Scientific Housewife - oh, you've got to see the actual material, very nice even the textures!

  1. Costea says:

    I like the version black apricot. I made more eye. :)

  1. Flory says:

    @ Costea- that's actually the one I've been eyeing for days now...thanks for visiting!

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