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Here are some of the OK and not so OK ideas in the bathroom.  

Wanna maximize light in the bathroom? try this... 

master bathroom; tub-starck x

use glass instead of heavy looking porcelains for the lavatory...
(can you imagine how the water goes down the drain?)
powder room

choose neutral color tiles or natural stones on floors and walls...
powder room
wall mirror can make a room look larger...
master bathroom

master bathroom; tub-starck x

lastly, you can make a slatted wall for your bathroom to let the light and breeze come in... but don't forget to put some high plants to cover it.
guest bathroom
... or else, someone might peep through the slats. ; )

*Photos are some of the projects I've done, courtesy of BL+RP Design Architects

Happy Weekend!

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  1. What is nice is that it is more light inside

  1. Flory says:

    yup Catalin, that's exactly the idea! Thanks for stopping by:)

  1. Hi! Follower from friday follow c'mon over and visit☺

  1. Tuesday says:

    Try this bathroom ideas too Flor :)


  1. Flory says:

    wow, thanks for sharing dae, i just bookmarked it... very nice, specially the "pattern of life" :)

  1. Such a unique space. I love the tub!

  1. Very cool! I love the huge window. I like it when they are private, yet open like that.

  1. Roberta says:

    I love the tub too...but find myself wondering...how do you get in and out of it? Ha! ha! Beautiful, spacious and every girls dream bath...it's bigger than my whole "Love Shack"...lol Have a great weekend Flory!

  1. Java says:

    Beautiful!!!! I want that bathroom!!

    Following you back!

  1. Margo says:

    Love the bathrooms! How pretty. Before we had kids my husband and I would drive to all the expensive model homes and dream about having a huge walk-in shower and bathroom as big as our bedroom! Fun stuff!
    I'm a new follower :)

  1. Arti says:

    Very beautiful pics!
    wish we had such bathrooms in our rooms!!

    My Yatra Diary...

  1. Love the bathrooms, they are really classic

  1. Hello there. Happy Sunday. I just read your feature on Life in High Heels. Nice blog.

  1. Costea says:

    Classic and beautiful bathroom.

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