Week 4

For this week's fave blog we have... Myra's

 You will find the In Lovely Heels button and link posted on my sidebar for the whole week.

Myra's blog is a potpourri of inspiration.  Whether it's for the home, for the sweet tooth, for fashion & beauty or for your life.   She said,  "You can always find something different because I have learned that becoming a mom doesn't mean your hobbies and passions fade, instead it brings more variety to your life.  Law & Business are my career fields but creativity has always been a part of me."

"One of my major passions is interior designing & home decor.  Other hobbies include baking, photography & crafts.  Life with my kiddo (Pooh Bear) has become quite busy but there is always time to do the things you love". 

Meaning behind the blog title: In Lovely Heels- because you only get one life to live ,was born with the idea that I wear heels most days while doing all the things I love.  Whether is spending time with Pooh Bear or going to the beach, life is about enjoying every moment, and sometimes I just happen to do it wearing "lovely heels."
What she love about the blogosphere;
"I love receiving emails and comments from readers & knowing that I inspired them in some way.  I also enjoy reading other blogs and finding motivation as well.  What makes a blog a blog is that you put your heart into it and you do it primarily for you & because you want to share something with the world".

I hope you stop by and find something that inspires you to try something new! 
& so I leave you with my motto,  One life= 1,000 things left to try.

In Lovely Heels is a very nice and inspiring blog that I'd love for you to see... 

Happy Reading!!!

This is to share my favorite blogs from around the world which I find creative and inspiring.

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  1. Roberta says:

    Great blog post Flory and sure will hop on over cause we never have enough "Heels" that is for sure! Have a great week, fondly, Roberta

  1. Congrats to the featured bloger! Have a nice day!
    Niky @ Design It Chic

  1. Great FB. I've read that site before and totally dig it. Have a great day.

    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma, What's For Dinner

  1. Ott, A. says:

    I like the blog "In lovely heels" too. She completley understands my shoe obsession!!! Happy to be following you back.

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