My friend Paula wrote and gave her comment about this picture.
I chosed this as a primary photo to my friendster account...her letter goes like this...

flory!!!!!!!!!! how's everything?!?! could not keep it to myself lang and just want to say this for whatever reason.... alam mo ba na ang primary pic mo (i know that you mean good by it) can also mean "f*ck yo*"?!?! (it's a sign for it kasi) just wanted you to know... hehe take it easy, paula"

well, thanks to that info narin...i didn't know e. There's a story behind that photo but it's pretty long to tell and all i can say to shorten it,,, 'twas made out of fun, but I changed the photo right away huh!!! for those who didn't know the other sign of F.Y.!!! here it is!!!

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