We were smiling as we came out of the MUSEUM CAFE' in Ayala museum towards the bar to discuss things... waiters in uniform going in and out carrying bits and pieces...people was crossing the yard and most were foreigners taking their coffee breaks.

"so how will you place the DJ boot Royal?"

Ms. Wisnieski said while heading near the main entrance door. Suddenly she added...
"sorry we're not staring at you!!!"
now she was talking to the guy who looked up at us and grinned...the first thing that struck me was this blond stranger looking up at us and smiling very satisfactorily...
"well its OK! whatever it is...it all sounds good!!"

what in heaven's name is this guy on a dining table... he looked more like Alex Baldwin. I think I was the only one who didn't lose interest in staring at him...thank god Royal didn't noticed...he'll tease me for sure! We had moved around the bar but it was not the sort of day for staying there too long...must be something to do with the heat!!!

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