Have you ever seen a giant oyster?
When you eat an oyster, what you are tasting is the essence of somewhere, well it depends on where it came from. One recommends, focus on your taste buds, just as you do when you drink fine wine. Eating oysters straight, without the customary sauces such as vinegary mignonette, red cocktail sauce spiked with horseradish, or even lemon. All those things change the taste, You don't want to taste lemon, or vinegar, or horseradish, you want to taste the oyster. Don't let anything interfere.
It's never love at first sight, not with this oyster, they are slick, slimy, and weird I know. But these look different though and looks tasty!!!hmm!

After the dinner... I felt really sick! I don't know why! this was the first time I ate oyster and probably the last.

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