Watch, Patrick's photo/video when he joined the Mr. & Ms. Saint Paul. He sang the famous themesong of the tv series 'Ang Panday', one of the incarnations of the character 'The Panday'

The movie
The Panday (blacksmith in the Filipino language), whose real name is Flavio, is a fictional Philippine comics character created by Carlo J. Caparas and illustrated by Steve Gan. His adventures were serialized in the series Ang Panday in Filipino Komiks in the Seventies. The character took his place in Philippine pop culture when the comics were adapted to film. The most famous of these films starred Fernando Poe Jr. as Flavio and Max Alvarado as his archenemy Lizardo.
TV series
Tristan — The Ang Panday TV series, which started airing in 2005, features a young new Panday named Tristan, played by Jericho Rosales, Heart Evangelista as Eden, his love interest, and Victor Neri as Lizardo. Philip Salvador plays a version of Poe's character who appears in the introductory episodes. In this version Flavio forges his dagger and a church bell for his community from the meteoritic ore, and has a personal grudge against Lizardo, who murders his wife. After beheading his enemy, Flavio plants his weapon into the bell, and is taken up into the heavens. However, Lizardo's brain is still alive, and Tristan, a man from the present time, becomes the Panday in Flavio's stead. Tristan and Salvador's Flavio were both attired similarly to Poe's Flavio.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    PANDAY,, yes! ang galing galing talaga ng apo ko. i remembered during that program,he has a fever that time kaya matamlay siya, but look at age of 5yrs old he was active in school activities.I'm proud being a lola of Patrick at love na love ko yan.
    I love you..

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