Every morning, I would come to work at 9:00 to 9:30 AM. Yeah, a bit late just to enjoy the first couple of hours of the day with Paolo and Patrick before they would go to their respective places.
After work, family would meet for a dinner, check Patrick's homework, watch TV days and abundance of hugs and kisses from Paolo.
On weekends, family comes home to Bulacan for a short vacation, a trip to a theatre whenever there's an interesting movie to watch with, a nice picnic, an extravagant dinner or even uneventful day at home in Manila.
Now what about the extraordinary everyday??? for me! there's nothing wrong with making everyday extraordinary... but it all seems so movie-like, so surreal. What sustains our relationships are the familiar routine that we shouldn't take for granted. The ordinary everyday and the ability to make these special.

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