I was asked to visit this old house, the style is said to be like a "spanish revival" built 1945.

The original owners in their urn... who have left the home and some of the antique items for their heirs.
Architectural feature:

Many things inside the house are worth more tomorrow than it was yesterday, re-using the solid wood of the steps, doors, wood planks and even their cabinets would give a lot more impact.
Now the homeowner think of remodeling the whole for one particular reason – to provide future of the house. Well, it critically involve a major pre-planning... actually a series of which remodeling repair inevitably leads to a dozen repairs.
If my boss would ask me to handle this project, at least I've got a pretty good idea what exactly the owners need and I would always love to remodel old houses like this... I may find the whole process much less daunting, or maybe even more exciting.

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