My goals for the next 12 months...

Possibly the trickiest part of getting what you want in life is just figuring out what you really want! And yet it is certainly the most important part of all.
I have found this to be unfailingly true in my life: as soon as I have a very clear, strong intention to create a particular thing, well most are small though, but it manifests almost immediately (often within hours or days of getting clear about it) with very little effort involved.
Now discovering what I want in life can be facilitated by the process of setting goals and writing down the list of my personal venture which I will share to you...
  • finish the interior-architecture design service for an office unit in Q.C., of which the constructions has just started. and I'm so happy!
  • finishing touches on-going! (as of dec. '08)
  • blessing last Dec. 14

  • another interior design service of a 3-bedroom town house unit with the same owner. finished
  • on the process (as of dec. '08)
  • scheduled appointment: Monday January 12, 2009 -lunch time

  • a small vacation house in Bataan which I just set an appointment to visit the site this coming November 16.
  • settled -construction on summer 2009.
  • finish the design proposal of a 3-bedroom residence .
  • PRIORITY-design development on going. (as of dec. '09)
  • plans approved for modification as of Dec. 19 '08
  • will submit revised asap
  • succeed in our new company... my dad just found a new company name that signifies the 4 kinds of profession - architecture - interior design- Graphics - Multimedia ...
  • construction of new website is now on going (as of dec. '09)

  • do some makeovers in our home (manila and bulacan) and some furniture revamps, etc.
  • started January 2009 - room by room storage solutions
  • interior-architecture design service to a client's referral in Santa Rosa.

  • interior-architecture design service for a 2-bedroom condo unit. finished

I have learned that goals can be made in the spirit that life is an enjoyable game to be played, and one can be deeply rewarding... they are not to be taken too heavily, at the same time, we must give them enough weight and importance so that they are of real value to us.
You should try to do this and choose goals that you genuinely like and want... could be more specific and you can write it in present tense like this:
"I am now driving my own brand new BMW X4!"
Goals that will make you feel good, expanded, pleasured, challenged. If not, find ones that do!!!

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  1. flory says:

    Goals are the vehicles whereby we can become someone more than we already are. We need goals, not for what they get for us but for what they do for us.

    "whatever you can do, or dream you can... begin it. Boldness has geneous, power and magic in it."


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