I already have my schedule arranged accordingly... this December would be a whole month of Christmas for me and for the family.
Part of my activity plan is more time in relaxing and continue my creative visualization as my holistic healing process. I have a nasty lymph node under my left jaw near my neck. No findings yet because I never had a chance to see a doctor... my fault really, I've ignored it for the past 4 months and now it's almost triple the size of a pea, though it doesn't hurt but other's told me it's more serious, but I would certainly say it's not.
The one I'm using now is an important tool for me to have a constant communication between my mind and body (just like yoga, meditation and praying which is always the best medicine). The healing comes from within and if we have some Illnesses... it often force us to relax, let go of our busyness and drop into a deep quiet level of consciousness where we can receive the nourishing energy that we need.
One of the basic principle of health is that we cannot separate our physical health from our emotional, mental and spiritual states of being... It is true that all levels are interconnected and a state of "dis-ease" in the body is always a reflection of conflict, tension, anxiety or disharmony. (I was once in a horrible situation where I can see nothing but fear and so much anger~ and so this lump I think is the result!) So when we have a physical disorder, it is inevitably a message for us to look deeply into our emotional and intuitive feelings, our thoughts and attitudes, to see what we can do to restore natural harmony and balance to our being.
Of course "preventive medicine" is also the best and I will definitely see a doctor and take advantage of the declared holidays we have this month to smoothly continue my healing process amazingly.

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  1. I pray for your fast healing, don't fret eveything is in God's control and ability to heal you. Claim that you're already healed and it will be given unto you. Goodluck!

  1. flory says:

    thanks Dae, God gave me strength too!

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