It was one long weekend on the first week of December because of Bonifacio Day, which is traditionally celebrated on November 30, (which I often confused with National Heroes Day) it was moved to December 1. This was simply moving the holidays nearest to the weekend, to have a longer vacation — and was already in place when Congress passed a law “rationalizing” the celebration of national holidays.
Holidays are moved, as a rule, to the Monday nearest the original holiday date. (This is illustrated in the list of national regular and special holidays for 2008 and 2009) although as noted in that article, there are still a number of holidays not falling on a Monday... the rationale is still the same: to have a longer weekend... well, whatever it is... it all make sense to me. hehee!

Now going back to Bonifacio Day, they say it's kinda odd because heroes -- like saints -- are often remembered more for their death than their birth, whilst Bonifacio is remembered on his birthday, Nov. 30. As for me, I don't really care about those things not until I found out that Andres Bonifacio was Paolo's great great grand father... according to him, some of the hero life stories were not true, and I can't help but bear with him when he share things he knew about his Lolo.

Andres Bonifacio (1863-1897), a Phillipine revolutionary hero, a fervent Filipino nationalist who sacrificed his own life for freedom and liberty. Founded the Katipunan, Kataas-taasang Kaga­galang-galangang Katipunan ng mga Anak ng Bayan (KKK) a secret society which spearheaded the uprising against the Spanish and laid the groundwork for the first Philippine Republic.

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