I am trying to modify this photo in Adobe Photoshop. The primary purpose at this point is to help the client visualize the area. Whether the client's going to be happy with my presentation or not, It is always possible to go back and change it.
Photoshop is a very helpful program for me in making adjustments in the design. Using a special kind of tool and technique goes a long way.


I picked up the silvery and blue tones for the wall
... nearly finished.
I am sure that this photo version will give the client some idea of what we can achieved.
Any suggestions?

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  1. Fabulus says:

    how about putting a handrail? and a different paint/ colour on the other side? wallpaper would be better :)

  1. Flory says:

    we have agreed on a 12mm thk brush finish stainless steel handrail without ballusters (weird no!)...I'll try to put different colour and wall paper too. thanks Dae:)

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