Few weeks ago Patrick asked me to buy him a new Optimus Prime Transformer toy, I said sure, if he'll get high grades on his test... I might spend a little more this time because I knew him and his very specific about the kind of toy he wants to have , and it will definietly "last" for years. Now, this is neither good nor bad, and it simply is. The challenge is not even about just giving my child what he always want to have but finding toy for my child for a reason. That's one of many reasons when it's right for me as a parent to be concerned.
He took his 3-day Unit Examinations last week and he kept on reminding me appropriately about the toy. Recently I've found out he achieved an almost perfect scores on all of his subjects, it's no surprise then so as I promised - Pats and I will be having our "Pre-Valentine" date tomorrow at SM Mall of Asia to buy him an Optimus Prime Robot. That's what really excites Pats - and I can look forward to sharing that excitement with you soon!

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  1. inyang says:

    i'm just glad that miggy is finally over with optimus prime ... it took us months to finally get him THE ONE :D

  1. flory says:

    actually, patrick has an old optimus prime,but he wants to have the biggest toy available...pretty expensive though:}

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