Mine has only a size of 20" widescreen... ...so far so perfect that I could've only dreamed about two years ago. Hahaahh!
I just picked a simple and relaxing screen saver:
Well, most of all... it allows greater flexibility when I'm working with many applications at the same time and also enables me to enjoy the benefits of multimedia and of course perfect for website designing. (easier for the technical side of things!)
oh, I could also make some variety of new options like two word documents for example in a letter size can be opened and worked at the same time! Not to mention the most exiting internet page and word document, that you can have a chock-full display of both function equally side by side.
It's great and easier to work when collecting information too.
No wonder graphic experts and photographers who work with pictures in a wide format have skipped to this kind of fever long time now! c",)
...and my Pop says:
the more if you discover that you can add one more LCD wide screen with your HP Pavilion Desktop, actually it can have multiple screens as many as you can afford, well maybe later huh!

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