I have a busy weekend planned which will be fun... I think I might spoil my budget again and set off to buy myself some more gadgets! Scheduled to have my new router installed this sunday, so tomorrow I need to buy an extra lan cables for a dsl connections and another wireless bluetooth. I have to change my mobile broadband device because it takes like forever to connect and to re-connect and it keeps me disconnecting... well, I mean it's really annoying!
I'll end my post here for now and pardon this photo of lovely Diesal bag which came all the way from Dublin (tnx 2 u Dae!) taken with my new Nikon Coolpix.
Thanks Pop for the cam and Mom for the chocolates... You're both amazing!
...oh wait, check this out!
HP Mini 1000 Vivienne Tam Edition ...oh boy...it's TEMPTING! is this enough for presentation???

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  1. fabulus says:

    i fancy that hp mini as well, hope mac will introduce something small like it :)

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