I've been doing a lot of work lately and still have a lot of things to do especially at home. Yet I am grateful enough for being able to manage my time effectively and get the most out of each day spending quality time with my family.

I'm now happily back to blogging, having stumbled across a Riding the Rails and other inspiring blogs earlier  made me feel a little motivated and confident on getting even MORE organized and seeing how I can make changes. 

UP next... I have found a home for my bits and pieces.

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  1. I think the link images are from IKEA ... It is?
    PS: Welcome back!

  1. Flory says:

    yeah right you are Catalin.

  1. Tuesday says:

    Keep on posting! Let's keep the ball rollin!

  1. Roberta says:

    Welcome back Flory...and thanks so much for the "link" to my post...so sweet of you :} Good to see you on "flicker" as well!

  1. Flory says:

    @Dae -- will keep it up friend, thanks =)
    @Roberta-- thanks for sharing! and nice photos you got there on flickr =)

  1. Flory, I called the story describing the piata volanta (fly market) because the market is open only five hours a day. Potatoes in the image are seen in the fly market. All the best for you.

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