I dreamt about shoe shopping several times, it's kinda weird.   SHOES... I guess I just have to have them.  I do envy some friends who can afford and collects a lot of expensive ones.  Then I got drastically excited again when I read the Neat and Tidy and Boots and more Boots of Absolutely Fabulous:  Dae's fabulous blog!!!

I like to collect shoes just like everyone else not surprisingly, but buying expensive ones frustrates me.  I'm dying to possess expensive pairs like Manolo Blahnik or Loeffler Randall's  joke not for me though... its way too much money.

I remember when I visited some shops at The Manila Peninsula Hotel and fell in love with Rapture, one of Cesar Gaupo's shoe collections (now located at the Greenbelt 5).  The shoe costs like $500-$800 (not that much as compared to other famous designer shoes).  Mainly, it's made of quality materials and will last longer in some cases.  You can even ask them to modify it and add embellishments, depends on your taste or style.  I just thought it's time to save extra money from my salary to be able to buy that shoes from Gaupo.   But when I already had the money to buy it???  (you probably know the answer). 

Okay, I have this stingy attitude toward spending money on expensive things especially shoes.  I wasted some time in futile thoughts like: 1) maybe I don't really need a new one;  2) I still have enough pairs at the moment; and  3) this expression, oh I hate this one... practically immoral to have more than one pair of shoes when three quarters of the world's population is starving!!! 

Ahhh SHOES... but I'm still looking forward on buying expensive shoes that are worthy to be owned!!!

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  1. Even if you do not need shoes new, but you have money, buy yourself!
    Invest in you!

  1. Tuesday says:

    First off, the shoes you showed are amazing, would love to make a visit there when I come home...

    Don't be anxious about shoes. You are what you are and it's true that you should invest on something you really like and can pass to your children.

    I have an addiction with shoes and bags but the trick is I sell them after so I could buy another pair or bring some to charity. I believe in what you give is what you receive. Also ask and you will receive :)

  1. Flory says:

    thanks Catalin... I will this time!!!

    Dae- I have donated quite a bit of my gently worn but inexpensive shoes and thanks I feel more confident now... I should think of those costly things as an investment=)

  1. Thanks for details. I did not know that flower exists in the Philippines!
    I wish you a beautiful day!

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